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Live, human-to-human, creative musical processes bring power to the planet.”

– Iva Bittova

Summer: 20. 7. 2024

Autumn: 7 – 13. 10. 2024

Building Community through Music and Nature

Ethnomusicologist John Blacking notes: The ethnomusicologist John Blacking observes, “Through musical interaction, two people create forms that are greater than the sum of their parts, and make for themselves experiences of empathy that would be unlikely to occur in ordinary social intercourse.” Participants in the Zingora workshop have the opportunity to experience this first-hand through traditional songs, group improvisations and experiential learning. Iva explains, “As a musician working with folk traditions, I have always lived in harmony with and paid close attention to the sights and sounds of the forest, which has been essential to my personal inspiration.”

My music comes from contact with nature. To get into a natural, present musical moment in the group, I encourage students to focus away from the noise and distractions of technology and stressful daily activities.”

Voice workshops are designed for students of all ages and levels.

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About the workshop

Our sessions are tailored to the capabilities of each student, focusing on individual expression and developing each participant’s unique vocal or instrumental message in the context of our shared space. Sessions begin with a gentle voice and body warm-up, introductions, and exercises to promote listening and group cohesion. Structured improvisations are presented together with Moravian, Slovak and Romani folk songs. Interwoven throughout the course is expert instruction on topics such as overtone singing and breath support. Two delicious homemade lunches are provided.
The highlight of the weekend is a private concert by Ivy, Timothy and friends for students and community members.

As your guide, I encourage you to separate your abilities from your fears, to take small steps and big leaps, to learn many different approaches, styles and techniques, and to play as freely as a child with everything you learn.

– Iva Bittova



Happy Students

“A powerful, emotional and insightful journey”.

- Talya B.

This workshop allowed me to let go of control and allow space for pure creativity that is within me to come out. The combination of improvisation and nature welcomes the space for the purest form of creativity.

- Chloe P.

“This experience of safe vulnerability, connection, and deep listening was a paradigm shift for me as both a creative person and a teacher. Learning through guided exploration, rather than directive, explicit, instruction, is a powerful reminder to trust my own, as well as my students’, innate ability to access skills, insights and creative solutions. Thank you for this unique opportunity, your masterful facilitation, your beautiful music and open hearts.”

– Carri A., M.S., CCC-SLP

The weekend with you was very special for me, too. When time allows, I will elucidate.

As for a statement, I think you liked something I said after our command performance along the lines of “This is the way growing up should have been.” Perhaps you wrote it down at the time? Maybe more on that Bunches of thanks and hugs to both of you for creating an amazing experience. I am still resonating Žingora.

- Roy D.

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